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Mali has dedicated counterterrorism legislation from 2008. It specifically criminalizes certain terrorist acts perpetrated in armed conflict. 

Compliance with International Law:
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The Definition of Terrorism in Domestic Law

The 2008 law defines terrorism in broad terms first as a series of offences without the need to prove any specific motivation.Art. 2, 2008 Antiterrorism Law.Also an act of terrorism is the following:

the fact of seizing a person or detaining him and threatening to kill him, to injure him or to continue to detain him in order to compel a State, an international or intergovernmental organization, a natural or legal person or a group of persons to do or refrain from doing any act as an express or implied condition of the person's release.Art. 3(1), 2008 Antiterrorism Law.

There is a specific act of terrorism committed in an armed conflict when perpetrated against a civilian or any other person not participating directly in hostilities.Art. 3(2), 2008 Antiterrorism Law. 

Adherence to Global Terrorism Treaties


Mali is a State Party to the main United Nations treaties on terrorism.


Adherence to Global Terrorism Treaties
Treaty Adherence
1973 Convention on Crimes against Internationally Protected Persons State Party
1979 Hostage-Taking Convention State Party
1997 Terrorist Bombings Convention State Party
1999 Terrorist Financing Convention State Party
2005 Nuclear Terrorism Convention State Party


Mali is also a State Party to both regional treaties on terrorism.


Adherence to Regional Terrorism Treaties
Treaty Adherence
1999 Algiers Convention State Party
2004 Protocol to the Algiers Convention State Party

Laws and Penalties for Terrorist Offences

The maximum sentence for terrorist offences is the death penalty. This is applicable when death results from the perpetration of a terrorist act. In other cases, life imprisonment is the maximum penalty.Art. 1), 2008 Antiterrorism Law.

Counterterrorism Capacities and Policies at Domestic Level

Mali has dedicated counterterrorism capacities. It is continuing to face a very significant terrorist threat, especially in the north of the country. 


Mali Loi no 08-025 du 23 juillet 2008 contre le terrorisme