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Saint Kitts and Nevis

St Kitts and Nevis has a dedicated antiterrorism law from 2002. There is no carve-out for the exercise of fundamental human rights. 

Compliance with International Law:
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The Definition of Terrorism in Domestic Law

Section 2 of the 2002 Antiterrorism Act defines “terrorist activity” as 

an action that takes places either within or outside of Saint Christopher and Nevis that

(a) is an offence under any of the United Nations Anti-terrorism Conventions and Protocols specified in subsection (2) of this section; or

(b) is taken or threatened for political, religious, or ideological purposes and threatens the public or national security by

  (i) killing;

  (ii) seriously harming or endangering any person,

  (iii) causing substantial property damage that is likely to seriously harm people; or

  (iv) interfering with or disrupting an essential service, activity or system;

and terrorism shall be construed accordingly.

Adherence to Global and Regional Terrorism Treaties


St Kitts and Nevis is a State Party to all of the main United Nations treaties on terrorism.


Adherence to Global Terrorism Treaties
Treaty Adherence
1973 Convention on Crimes against Internationally Protected Persons State Party
1979 Hostage-Taking Convention State Party
1997 Terrorist Bombings Convention State Party
1999 Terrorist Financing Convention State Party
2005 Nuclear Terrorism Convention State Party


St Kitts and Nevis has signed but not ratified the main regional treaty on terrorism.


Adherence to Regional Terrorism Treaties
Treaty Adherence
2002 Inter-American Convention against Terrorism State Party

Laws and Penalties for Terrorist Offences

The maximum punishment for terrorism is life imprisonment.S. 24(2), 2002 Antiterrorism Act.

Under Section 28(1) of the 2002 Act, a person who gathers intelligence in Saint Christopher and Nevis for the purpose of using the intelligence to contribute to, facilitate, aid or abet the activities of a terrorist group commits an indictable offence, and is liable, on conviction, to a penalty not exceeding life imprisonment.

Under Section 9 of the Act, any person who belongs or professes to belong to a designated terrorist group commits an offence and is liable, on conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for up to ten years.

Counterterrorism Capacities and Policies at Domestic Level

St Kitts and Nevis police does not have dedicated counterterrorism expertise.


St Kitts and Nevis 2002 Antiterrorism Act